Market Access Solutions

Market Access Solutions

You want to operate cross-border and do not yet know how? Reuss Private Access offers solutions for cross-border market access to the European Union and Switzerland. Depending on the service you want to provide, the requirements profile can become quite complex. We will reliably guide you through the regulatory jungle to your goal.

> CH to EU

A liability umbrella solution allows you to “borrow” the European MiFID license of a financial intermediary and provide regulated financial services within Europe. The contracted intermediary is a natural or legal person who provides these services in the name and on behalf of the license holder – the liability umbrella. A liability umbrella solution is one of the most time and cost efficient ways to access the EU market without the need to apply for a full European MiFID license. With an experienced and market-leading partner like Reuss Private at your side, we also take care of most of the administrative and regulatory tasks involved in setting up and providing ongoing support.

> EU to CH

In 2021, CHF 1,476,880 million (year-end 2020: CHF 1,331,406 million) was invested in investment funds1 via the Swiss market. Therefore, the Swiss market represents an attractive opportunity for many. However, accessing the market can be challenging for EU market participants as it is outside the scope of European regulations. Therefore, we have created this overview to show you a selection of access opportunities into the Swiss market. You will also find specific product requirements for the Swiss market and information on customer segmentation.

> UK solutions

Are you looking for UK cross-border solutions? After the Brexit it is difficult for asset managers to offer their services and products cross-border. We are happy to support you in finding a suitable model. Talk to us.

> Cross Border Establishment

Get a foothold in the EU with a MiFID licensed company and benefit from its advantages

We offer:

  • Sales and marketing consulting
  • Local branch and licensing solutions
  • Outsourcing of compliance and risk management
  • Local market know-how
  • Segmented customer lists

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