Fund advisors will find an experienced partner in us.

No matter whether you advise investment or management companies, you will find yourself in good hands with us. First and foremost we feel committed to consistently meeting the needs of our partners because their independence and room for manoeuvre have top priority. We provide an efficient infrastructure with a verified set of agreements, compliance, audits and reporting. The rights and duties of the parties are clearly defined and regulated in your agreement with us. In advisory, we are the ideal partner for advisors and capital investment companies with our tailored agreements when funds are launched. You operate under our liability umbrella with your own investment strategy.


Why was Reuss Private Europe set up?

To implement your strategy in your own fund.

We offer you long-standing experience in cooperation with capital investment companies and custodian banks. Your fund is a customised solution, too. We individually design the cooperation between you, as the fund initiator, and us and take the time to understand what you want. Together with you, the capital investment company and the custodian bank of the fund, we draw up a suitable agreement.

If you are looking to obtain your own licence in the long term, we would also be pleased to work on a temporary solution with you. This means you can start quickly and tackle the task of obtaining your own licence in ongoing business operations.

The costs of the liability umbrella for funds advisory depend on the level of complexity and size of the respective fund.

Starting up your own fund is a complicated matter. This is why we would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you.

  • Wie sieht die Vermögensverwaltung der Zukunft aus?
    Felix Brem,

    Wie viele andere Branchen auch müssen sich Vermögensverwalter und Kundenberater immer schneller neuen Veränderungen stellen und anpassen, damit sie konkurrenzfähig bleiben. In meinem neusten Blog-Beitrag schreibe ich deshalb darüber, wie sich die Vermögensverwaltung in den kommenden Jahren wohl verändern wird und was das für den Einzelnen bedeuten kann.