Local support

When will regulators or custodian banks restrict the radius of action for the asset management mandates of European clients? The cross-border business is increasingly reaching its limits due to the “cross-border regulations” and the “passivity argument”.


Take action or emergency landing?

Since 2010 Reuss Private Europe has focused on regulatory requirements and their consequences. You know the rules: counterparty categories, suitability test, benchmarking, loss thresholds, reporting frequency, subsidies, complaint management, recording telephone calls etc. etc. We can offer you cross-border expertise with market access to the EU and EEA while your commercial freedom in arranging the details of our cooperation remains a key element. Actively supporting your European asset management clients on a sound legal basis gives both you and your clients’ security. Your cooperation with us will create new growth opportunities for you through legal acquisitions in Europe.


Solution to the cross-border problem

As a partner of Reuss Private Europe AG you serve your asset management clients throughout Europe. We have solved the cross-border problem for you. You have the freedom that goes hand in hand with a partnership at eye level. You have access to our resources in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany, enabling you to serve your clients individually and successfully in foreign countries within Europe. Leave administrative and regulatory matters to us! You contribute your own investment strategies, which may involve customised strategies for one client as well as general strategies for several clients. We will attend to the following for your European clients:

  • Client accounting
  • Internal control system
  • Reporting
  • Various prescribed examinations
  • Organisation
  • Internal audit
  • Compliance
  • Law
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Communication


Cross-border financial services are subject to considerable restrictions in a constantly changing and ever stricter regulatory environment. As an asset manager, you must comply with local regulations. If cross-border activities are also the mainstays of your business, we would like to discuss all the pros and cons of our joint cooperation with you.

From Liechtenstein into the world

A change in framework conditions can result in a change in career. Reuss Private Europe offers client advisors looking to become self-employed a comprehensive infrastructure and a broad network for their personal business model.

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    Felix Brem,

    Wie viele andere Branchen auch müssen sich Vermögensverwalter und Kundenberater immer schneller neuen Veränderungen stellen und anpassen, damit sie konkurrenzfähig bleiben. In meinem neusten Blog-Beitrag schreibe ich deshalb darüber, wie sich die Vermögensverwaltung in den kommenden Jahren wohl verändern wird und was das für den Einzelnen bedeuten kann.